SPX JAM featuring the talents of KC GREEN, NEDROID, SHMORKY, JON CHAD, and your pals from Fort Basement. (some kid named Braden joined in, too.)

DUCKS JAM by Mady and Julia 
So my good buddies Ilana and Julia and I have begun a little comics collective. We make zines, mini comics, comic jams, and tons of other stuff!
If you guys are interested at all in our work, you can follow the Fort Basement blog HERE!
Sketchbook subs
Some old comic pages I never got around to posting.Some old comic pages I never got around to posting.
Had such a fun fun time at SPX this weekend! FYI: Bobo Backslack by Jon Chadurjian is the best comic I have read in years. 10/10 fat gross boys crying. Oh geez!
original character do not steal
Off to SPX with My Loot! Gonna be tradin’ these bad boyzz!

Reminder that I am still 100% taking commissions! In fact, I actually would appreciate a few more because I’m headed to SPX this weekend and could use the cash….

Mark McKinney is gross and cute always and forever.
stay fit with some animals, yo

grossery comic jam from last night with madygcomics after we went grocery shopping 

We made such a strange thing <3
Character design roulette
I did this huge ink and dry brush piece like a year ago and I’m just getting around to posting it now.
This is my interpretation of Little Nemo, anyway…